It is Pure Palate’s mission to provide an overarching sense of Wellness to each​ ​participant. While engaging in the process of nourishment for your body, you are creating a more sustainable foundation for your health and lifestyle. Pure Palate provides pure ingredients that promote a pure palate.

When creating your own meals, from cutting board, to pan, to plate, you are an active participant in your own health. Engaging in this education, enables you to understand the necessity to eliminate food preservatives, stabilizers, and chemicals. Pure Palate will help​ ​you to make healthy menu choices and establish the connection between your mind and​ ​body.

Children’s Workshops

It is imperative to teach our children about the world and its offerings at a young age. Every child has different stages of development, including the complexity of taste buds. It is never too early to encourage proper cooking technique and global awareness.

Choose to expand your children's horizons and push them to treat their bodies with care and attention. Learn how to cook authentic food with pure ingredients from around the world. Workshops will include: kitchen safety, proper technique and knife skills, global menu execution, palate cultivation, and fun!

Adult Workshops

Come participate in an extraordinary culinary journey from private instructionals to corporate team building. Pure Palate creates a tangible cultural experience through the art​ ​of food with a 90-minute creative and educational cooking class. Pure Palate’s classes​ ​highlight cooking techniques, global recipes, and culinary language of specific geographical areas. Each region’s culture is reflected through its recipes. Let Pure Palate take you on this experiential flavor journey.