Do you have a vision or project in mind that requires skilled culinary expertise, management, or consultation? Work with Chef, Producer, and Stylist Sarah to create enticing and eye catching imagery, content, or personalized culinary programs. Sarah’s animated, enthusiastic, and warm personality facilitates positive collaborations with genuine results. She unequivocally adores all things edible, sees beauty in all things creative, is driven by the power of fitness, and is honest about maintaining a well balanced lifestyle ! It is this vibrant adoration for gastronomy  that emerges with every project or plan she cooks up!

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Take your brand to the next level and allow Chef Sarah to visualize its potential in the culinary sphere. Sarah uses her trained years in the culinary and media worlds and her vibrant travel experiences to curate bright, exotic, bold images that create a unique sensory experience. Her attention to detail in color, texture, set design, and spatial relations combine in each image for palatable storytelling. Imagine the new narratives you could communicate through tantalizing recipes and swoon-worthy servings. Sarah will create bespoke culinary adventures and experiences that elevate your brand. 


Invite Chef Sarah and Pure Palate to become part of your next event! Allow Chef Sarah to teach and lead through culinary demonstrations, hands-on cooking workshops, or a curated speaker forum where she delves into and addresses pertinent topics and questions in the wellness sphere. Food and cooking are not only a necessity but, most importantly, a lifestyle. Work with Sarah to make your event deliciously memorable and allow her to captivate a hungry audience!

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Feeling stuck in your mealtime routines? Frustrated that kitchen duties seem laborious and burdensome, and can’t seem to create a meal structure that evokes a healthy and positive lifestyle? Pure Palate is here to help! Receive one-on-one coaching to create your most confident and best self in the kitchen:) Pure Palate can work with you to develop customized meal plans, cooking techniques and skills to boost your confidence, and will provide attainable and beneficial health guidance. Every person’s body structure, taste, metabolism, and functionality are different. Allow Pure Palate to create an individualized, balanced, and unique action plan that contributes to your overall wellness and culinary contentment. Give yourself the power and opportunity to become an expert in your own kitchen!

Brand Partnerships

I am passionate about working with pure brands that embody a healthy and energized lifestyle! Together, let’s create innovative, engaging, and, most importantly, inspiring content that “wows” our audience! I would love to work with your brand to develop a mutually exclusive and beneficial long-term relationship.

Meet Sarah


Hello, Friends! Welcome to Pure Palate! I'm Sarah, a chef, culinary producer, food stylist, wellness enthusiast, fitness addict, beauty devotee, world traveler, and artistic creator. I live on the beach in Southern California but have rugged New England mountain roots. My main squeeze is all things purely edible, but I'm forever curating my most authentic self. I never shy away from a glorious bowl of heavenly pasta or a decadent chocolate molten cake, but I devour in moderation. I always hustle harder, live passionately, brighter and bolder, and welcome life's experiences. I’m forever a work in progress.

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