A classically trained chef, here to help you nourish your body and palate with authentic, pure recipes. 


The Pure Palate Experience

I’m Sarah, an outdoorsy chef who grew up in the New England countryside and now lives at the beach in Los Angeles, CA. As a classically trained chef, outdoor adventurer, and world traveler, I want to give you the tools to live life with pure intentions. Pure Palate is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle. With an engaged community of over twenty thousand, I’m here to offer you a holistic culinary experience, curate a healthy lifestyle, and enhance your wellness journey! 

Sarah Blair

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Seasonal Recipes

Sarah is passionate about cooking foods that compliment each season! From fresh greens in springtime, to bountiful produce in summer, root vegetables in fall, and warm flavors in winter, Pure Palate carefully creates recipes that lend themselves to your natural environment. She is thoroughly mindful of dietary alternatives and loves curating recipes for a pure culinary lifestyle.

Meet Sarah


Hello, Friends! Welcome to Pure Palate! I'm Sarah, a chef, culinary producer, food stylist, wellness enthusiast, fitness addict, beauty devotee, world traveler, and artistic creator. I live on the beach in Southern California but have rugged New England mountain roots. My main squeeze is all things purely edible, but I'm forever curating my most authentic self. I never shy away from a glorious bowl of heavenly pasta or a decadent chocolate molten cake, but I devour in moderation. I always hustle harder, live passionately, brighter and bolder, and welcome life's experiences. I’m forever a work in progress.

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Working with Pure Palate is partnering with a true culinary powerhouse. Sarah has the training, passion, drive, knowledge in her field, the eye for current trends, and the creativity to make any project a grand success.