The Pure Palate Experience

Pure Palate is a culinary approach that inspires wellness through an​ ​understanding of natural ingredients, confidence in the kitchen, and global​ ​cuisine. Each experience will take you on a holistic journey, emphasizing​ ​your five senses and enabling a conscious connection between you and​ ​your food.


Taste allows our mind to make conscious decisions throughout the cooking​ ​process to lead us to the best end results. We recognize the tastes of bitter, sour,​ ​salty, and sweet. The perfect dish is the perfect combination of these tastes. We​ ​differentiate flavors in food through taste and are noting when food needs salt to​ ​spike a flatness or acid to brighten.


Our hands are the greatest tools that allow for the closest and most intimate​ ​connection to our food. We want to highlight our pure, delicate, and fragile​ ​ingredients with the least amount of bruising or wounding from machines and​ ​tools. Our hands maintain a purity and delicacy that no other mechanical tool will​ ​be able to replicate. Through repetition, attention, and consciousness, we fuel our​ ​brains to recognize the sensory data in touch, which then triggers our tastes.
Duck Ramen


Our eyes determine what our stomachs desire. Our eyes are the greatest tool to​ ​recognize a proper sauce from thick to thin, or the perfect slight caramelization of​ ​sautéed vegetables, or the dark mahogany bark of perfectly seared meat. Our total​ ​attention to detail and visual reference points guide us throughout the cooking​ ​process.


80% of everything we taste comes from our smell, as our nose can detect up to 10,000 different aromas. When we smell something delicious, these molecules travel through our nose and mouth, directly to our brain, telling our minds what we would like to ingest. Like touch, our brain registers repetitive smells and triggers our mind to replicate certain aromas that fuel our taste.


Hearing is paramount in the cooking process. We have our ears perked for noises​ ​such as the rapid boil of water, the crackling pop of onions hitting a hot oiled pan,​ ​or the spark of the gas igniting our flame. Recognizing these sounds heightens​ ​our total​ ​consciousness and makes us become better chefs.

Natural Ingredients

Pure Palate’s mission is to use natural ingredients to re-create the culture, food,​ ​and culinary traditions from around the globe. By understanding your ingredients​ ​and their origin, you are welcoming a greater understanding for your body and​ ​mind. Pure Palate encourages you to become an active participant in your culinary​ ​journey and taste pure ingredients that travel from land, to sea, to plate.
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