With over twenty thousand engaged health enthusiasts, my followers are eager for my brand and product recommendations! As an influencer, my social media community trusts me to inspire a holistic and active lifestyle through my favorite organic ingredients and products, recipes, travel itineraries, beauty tips, and artistic inspirations!

  • Video Content Creation
  • Food Photography and Styling
  • Exclusive Tested & Developed Recipes
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Brand Ambassadorships
  • Virtual Event/ IG Live Hostings

Brand Opportunities

Video Content Creation

Allow me to work with you to create the ultimate vision for your brand storytelling! Together we can make an impact. Let me work with you to inspire, construct, build, and ignite your wellness story!

Food Photography & Styling

I have culinary produced and created recipes for top networks and shows such as The Food Network, Netflix, Bravo, TLC, ABC, CBS, SPIKE, FOX, The History Channel, and Destination America, and for “The Final Table,” “Nailed it,” “Bar Rescue,” “BBQ Pitmasters,” and “The Next Great Baker. Using my fifteen years of experience, I now want to give my expertise to you!

Sponsored Blog Posts

I’m excited to inspire, construct, build, and ignite your wellness story! Let’s work together and allow me to create a sponsored blog post for your brand!


Brand Ambassadorships

I am passionate about working with pure brands that embody a healthy and energized lifestyle! Let’s work together on something innovative and engaging! A brand ambassadorship is a series of sponsored recipe posts in addition to ongoing consulting and the procurement of content creation.

Virtual Event/ IG Live Hostings

Let’s engage together and promote your brand through an Instagram live session! You can obtain premium visibility to new followers and your existing audience.  The live broadcast will also stay pinned and be placed at the beginning of the follower’s story list. So, let’s get moving and create a unique event or live hosting that best benefits you!


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Other Services

Working with Pure Palate is partnering with a true culinary powerhouse. Sarah has the training, passion, drive, knowledge in her field, the eye for current trends, and the creativity to make any project a grand success.