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Recipe & Content Creation

With my trained chef and styling background, passion for the outdoors, and health-focused drive, let me help you curate your brand content! What we can do to promote your brand, website, packaging, and marketing materials:

  • Recipes
    • Exclusive recipes that epitomize the brand’s intention and values.
    • Edits and testing to achieve optimal results.
  • Professional video series
  • Content Creation/Consulting for Brand Storytelling
  • IG and FB stories
  • Menu ideas
  • Tips and tricks centered around product
  • Create list and vision board of other potential collaborations and partnerships
Slightly More Upright White Shirt Yellow Buttondown Admin

For Me, Food is an Art Form

I look at my ingredients as individual components to display color, texture, shape, and beauty.

I assess the origin of ingredients and invent culinary combinations that shape and create a story. For me, this is art in its purest form. It is the capacity to see the connection between our food and its ability to make an impact while fueling both an active and healthy lifestyle. Let me work with you to inspire, construct, build, and ignite your culinary wellness story!

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If you can visualize it, Pure Palate can create it!

With years of experience, I have cast a wide net in the culinary field. There is no project too big or too small for Pure Palate to tackle. Having run teams of two to fifty chefs on projects, Pure Palate has the knowledge and expertise to navigate any event or media project with supporting videographers, photographers, and editors. Allow Pure Palate to create a team that is purely designed for you!  

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Other Services

Working with Pure Palate is partnering with a true culinary powerhouse. Sarah has the training, passion, drive, knowledge in her field, the eye for current trends, and the creativity to make any project a grand success.