It’s time to unlock your inner chef, get in the kitchen, and transform simple ingredients into decadent delights! There is nothing sexier and more rewarding than producing  a sumptuous homemade meal from start to finish.  You hold the power to transform vibrant greens into fresh salads, fold caramelized onions and meats into silky and smooth pastas, and whip cream to perfectly soft peaks. Pure Palate’s recipes guide your own personal culinary story. Pack your apron and come along on a culinary journey with these authentic, globally inspired recipes that highlight pure and natural ingredients. Your palate will thank you for the bold tastes you have mastered from land, to sea, to plate!

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Hello, Friends! Welcome to Pure Palate! I'm Sarah, a chef, culinary producer, food stylist, wellness enthusiast, fitness addict, beauty devotee, world traveler, and artistic creator. I live on the beach in Southern California but have rugged New England mountain roots. My main squeeze is all things purely edible, but I'm forever curating my most authentic self. I never shy away from a glorious bowl of heavenly pasta or a decadent chocolate molten cake, but I devour in moderation. I always hustle harder, live passionately, brighter and bolder, and welcome life's experiences. I’m forever a work in progress.

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Working with Pure Palate is partnering with a true culinary powerhouse. Sarah has the training, passion, drive, knowledge in her field, the eye for current trends, and the creativity to make any project a grand success.